Three main safety rules in the car during quarantine

In conditions of quarantine restrictions, a personal car is almost the only available means of transportation. But, despite the seemingly unconditional isolation of the machine from the outside world, it is important to observe some safety rules.

Therefore, we bring to your attention three basic rules.


As you know, cleanliness is a guarantee of health. This saying especially became relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning and washing of both the interior and the car body. Pay particular attention to the steering wheel, console, armrests and floor mats. It is important to remember that a “tenacious” coronavirus can “live” on objects for up to one week. The same goes for child seats.

Another nuance is the air conditioning system. Remember to disinfect the air filter regularly with antiseptic agents.

Three main safety rules in the car during quarantine 1

First aid kit

This important attribute should always be at hand. Few drivers review the contents of their car kits too often. But it would not hurt to store disinfectants, medical masks, and disposable gloves there.

Three main safety rules in the car during quarantine 2

Fast food

Not all owners of eateries and fast food stalls rushed to close their establishments despite the quarantine requirements. We urge drivers to refuse to buy ready-made food anywhere. It is best to bring homemade food with you. So you can protect yourself from unnecessary risks of infection. In addition, the old truth remains unchanged: homemade food is always tastier and healthier.


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